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Download PDF by Dave Frary: 222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures

By Dave Frary

Specialist advice and strategies for construction plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel buildings. contains roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing details.

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Most washes are but occasionally I brown or black dark colors use a light wash on a dark-colored model. Apply the wash to the model copiously, allowing it to run into and settle in cracks and around details. If 46 off on a pad of paper towel, and — — as 20 or the wash alters the color of the model too much for you, wipe the surface with a clean rag, or brush away the excess color with a clean brush. Then let dry. Use heavier washes to simulate oil spills or stains by other liquid cargo, and to represent heavy accumulations of oily dirt and grime.

To employ dull colors, to be partially or completely color-blind, is to paint your camouflage add 10% Earth light tan. Incidentally, a sure-fire humid basement or other damp area you already know that all your structures have to be heavily wood and paper For white and very or Used models with military right out of the bottle, these colors provide pleasingly dull hues. COLORING WOOD STRUCTURES WITH PASTEL CHALKS One way ered paint to achieve the chalky look of dull, is to color weath- wood siding with chalk instead 39 of paint.

30 guilty about cutting it up and making it look like something else. Dismiss those guilty pangs! It's your building, and you've got every good reason to alter it to your tastes. Better yet, just like any kind of kitbashing, changing the model to coincide with your druthers will make it distinctively yours, and means it won't look like every building made from the same kit. © Pete Laier kitbashed this Campbell HO brewery. A lot of the work involved altering roof angles. Roofing ideas YOUR RAILROAD below eye level (and most most important aspects of your structures.

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222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures by Dave Frary

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