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Read e-book online A Commentary on Horace: Odes Book III (Book 3) PDF

By R. G. M. Nisbet

ISBN-10: 0199263140

ISBN-13: 9780199263141

This statement takes severe account of modern writing at the Odes. It bargains with distinctive questions of interpretation, and indicates how Horace mixed the tact of a court-poet with a humane individualism, and the way he wrote inside a literary culture with out wasting a hugely own voice. notwithstanding the ebook isn't really meant for novices, the editors goal all through at clarity.

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Aug. 66. 2, Dio 53. 23. 5), there is no suggestion that he betrayed confidences. Perhaps in the period before Actium, when the arcana of the Triumvirate were revealed, they contained some damaging instances of political duplicity as well as the sexual escapades mentioned in Suet. Aug. 69 (for Antony’s invective cf. K. Scott, Mem. Amer. Acad. ); in that case Horace may have been thinking of the vengeance that followed the battle. Or one might imagine a more serious instance of the kind of thing described in serm.

1–16. Let the young soldier learn to accept hardship as well as danger in fighting the Parthians. Let the enemy princess sigh on the battlements in case her betrothed provokes him. It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country, but the man who runs away is killed dishonourably. 17–24. A man’s virtus knows nothing of rebuffs, and does not accept or surrender office to suit the popular whim. Their virtus opens the gate of heaven to those who have earned immortality. 25–32. e. state secrets). Often Jupiter destroys the innocent with the guilty; rarely does Nemesis fail to overtake the criminal.

E ªaæ ¼óôæïí ðåæØôݺºåôÆØ, = I äš þæÆ ÷ƺÝðÆ, ðÜíôÆ äb äßłÆØóš Pða ŒÆýìÆôïò, Plin. nat. hist. 17. 222. This sideratio was attributed to the baleful influence of the constellation; cf. Theophr. caus. plant. 5. , Plin. nat. hist. 18. 278. Geminus more sensibly points out that the stars simply mark the wet and stormy times of year (åNóƪøªÞ 17. 10): ‰ò óçìåßïı ÷ÜæØí ðÆæåغçììÝíøí ðæeò ôe ðæïªØíþóŒåØí ™ìAò ôaò ðåæd ôeí IÝæÆ ðåæØóôÜóåØò. 32. nunc hiemes iniquas: hiemes means both ‘winters’ and ‘storms’.

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